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How to configure personal information in My Preferences

Each user in Simply CRM can use My Preferences to configure their personal information and select what information will be displayed publicly.

Configure personal information

To configure your personal information in Simply CRM, you will need to press User in the top right corner. In the drop-down menu, select My Preferences.

This will load a new window in which you will be able to configure your information by pressing the Edit button in the top right corner.

Update your details and press Save.

User Login & Role

In the first edit box, you can edit your first name, last name, primary email, role and default lead view.

First NameEnter the user’s first name
Last NameEnter the user’s last name
Primary EmailEnter the user’s primary email address
RoleAllows you to assign roles to users (only admins have this option)
Primary GroupThe admin can set the primary group of each user

Currency and Number Field Configuration

When you manage modules such as Invoices, Quotes, Sales, etc., you will need to enter a currency format, decimal separators, number of decimal places, symbol placements, etc. You can configure these settings under the Currency and Number Field Configuration box in My Preferences.

Field Description
Currency Select the preferred currency from the drop-down menu. Keep in mind that the base current rates will be applied to conversions
Digit Grouping Pattern Select the digit group separator that makes high numbers easier to read
Digit Grouping SeparatorSelect the digit grouping separator from the drop-down menu
Decimal Separator Select a separator that will be used to divide the decimal and integer parts of the number
Symbol Placements Select the placement of the currency symbol from the drop-down menu
Number of Currency Decimals Select the number of decimal places
Truncate Trailing ZerosCheck this box to drop the values after the decimal point

More information

Field Description
TitleSpecify the user’s title
Fax Specify the user’s fax number
Department Specify the user’s department
Other Email Specify the user’s other email addresses
Office Phone Specify the user’s office phone number
Secondary Email Specify the user’s secondary email address
Mobile Phone Specify the user’s mobile phone number
Reports To Specify the senior user to whom the selected user reports
Home Phone Specify the user’s home phone number
Secondary Phone Specify the user’s secondary phone number
Documents Attach documents related to the user
Internal Mail Composer Check this box to display the integrated Simply CRM email window
Language Select the preferred language
Default Record View Select the preferred record view – detailed or summary view
Left Panel Hide Check this box to hide the left panel menu
SignatureAllows you to create and add a signature to your emails

User Address

This box allows you to edit all information related to the address of the user.

Field Description
Street Address Specify the street address
Country Specify the country
City Specify the city
Postal Code Specify the postal code of the city
State Specify the state

User Photograph

In this box, you can set a profile picture for the user by pressing the Upload button and selecting the desired photograph from your computer.

Updated on 30/11/2019

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